Catalyst Corporation of Kankakee helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations with business and strategic planning process, building revenue streams and cut costs for sustainability and growth, be known and visible to their community and customers, utilize social media to elevate business and success, and raise or find funds to start and grow their business.

While Catalyst did have a previous website, the company had grown in their services and portfolio and we're in need of a more developed site that showcased such. Their new site gives a more in depth look into the services they offer, the clients they have helped, and even offers resources to site visitors. Catalyst's new site is on brand, user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and informative.

Site URL:

Website type: Small Business

Features Provided:

  • Pop-up
  • PureChat Integration
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Web SEO
  • Location Based SEO
  • Content Creation / Assistance 
  • Custom Icons, Graphics, Layout
  • Client Carousel 
  • Previous Logo Creation
  • Blog

catalyst corporation of kankakee new website with custom service icons linkpoint mediacatalyst corporation of kankakee new website mobile responsive linkpoint media

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