First impressions are everything. It’s true about people and it’s true about brands. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to take care of your appearance. For a business that means having an appealing, eye-catching visual presence.


When social media branding is done correctly, it can and will help you connect to your target market in an optimal way. By effectively showcasing your brand throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., you’re able to keep your current customers’ attention while also gaining visibility with new customers.

Social media branding is about consistently using the right methods to engage with your target audience on social media platforms. The aim or purpose is to boost brand awareness and trust. By leveraging the power of social media branding, you can build a robust network of fans who are not only loyal to your brand but are also eager to buy from you.

Good visual branding.

Visual branding is the clear and consistent look and feel of your visual content in social media—from your cover photo to your social media posts. To break it down, your visuals should have consistent elements of all social media channels—color scheme, fonts, images or symbols and imagery style.

Branding visuals are more than locking ownership of your visual content, it’s about shouting out your brand's personality, mission, and creativity. When you are able to build a strong visual strategy for your branding, you’re on your way towards boosting your business’ credibility and reliability.

Why does it matter?

The social media space is vast, crowded and battling for attention. That’s why it’s a visual universe. Because research and statistics have long supported the fact that visual content increases engagement.

Let’s take into consideration this compelling research:

  • Our verbal intelligence is dropping while our visual intelligence is rising. (Webdam)
  • 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook have images. (Socialbakers)
  • The audience spends more time looking at images than reading texts on a post. (Nielsen Norman Group)
  • Tweets with images receive 89% more favourites than tweets without images. (Buffer)
  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times increase in engagement than those without images. (BuzzSumo)
  • Anyone who sees an information in a picture can recall 65% of it compared to 10% recall on an information without any picture. (Brainrules)

It also achieves the following:

  • Strong brand identity. Your audience won’t just quickly recognize your brand, they can connect with you as you share bits and pieces of you and your business.
  • Better engagement. Anything you post will get more comments, likes or shares because you have a powerful visual branding as bait.
  • Positive association. Share visuals that are relevant to your health and wellness business and your business will be the dominant name in your niche.
  • More referrals. If your face value is high, your clients won’t think twice to recommend you because you represent trust, quality and authority. When people recognize and remember your brand, they are more likely to also refer business your way.
  • More connections. Enjoy stronger connections with people who can connect and resonate with your visual branding.

The verdict is clear: if you need to stand out in social media today and every day, you don’t just need visual content, you need social visual branding.

The elements.

A great way to do this is by adding signature touches to your profile image and cover photo. Sure, you could just upload your company logo and call it a day. But adding simply elements of design to your already signature look can set you apart from the rest. This can be as simple as adding a background image or pattern related to your business.

  • Profile picture. The profile picture of any social media profile is the most visible image across the platform. It shows up in followers’ feeds, in platform search results, in comments made – the list goes on. Successful profile pictures are easily recognized by followers as belonging to your brand when they are scanning their feeds, and they don’t distract from the feed content by being too flashy or complicated. Above all, your profile picture should be lasting so that it’s always recognizable.
  • Cover photo. This is a great space to use for temporary brand elements because it is the first thing visitors see upon navigating to your profile. Whether it is an upcoming product launch, a new sponsorship, a special sale, company milestone, etc., when someone lands on your profile page they will be able to interact with time-sensitive information.
  • Posts. What you post is just as influential to your branding as your profile picture and cover photo. Your posts should continue to reflect your brand in respect to elements, fonts, colors, and even content.
  • Sizing. Every visual aspect on every social platform has a different aspect ratio. Which means, you have to be intentional about the size of your branding elements. And yes, the wrong size graphic can have a negative effect on your overall branding look. To help, we created this Social Media Size Template to help you nail down the correct posting sizes across platforms.

Across the board.

More than just your profile picture and cover photo, your branding stretches into all of your social media content.

Here are some quick hacks to keep it consistent and powerful:

  • Add your business logo. It is important that your brand is recognized, and your logo is the biggest asset here. Aside from simply having your logo in your profile picture or cover photo, you can also add your logo to any image you post or share.
  • Use your brand colours consistently. Again, it is important to keep your brand consistent. Alongside using your branding colors in your profile picture and cover photos, a good rule of thumb is that 50% of your visuals should always display your visual branding color scheme.
    Use the same standard font. Fonts don’t just add characters to words, they can emphasize emotions. Your branding fonts should match the style of your business as a whole (i.e. fun, serious, dramatic, elegant, playful, etc.).
  • Go big with simple designs. Images and logos that are clean and simple have the most impact—and gets the most response. Keep your images simple, uncluttered, but powerful. Using images and content that resonates with your audience without overwhelming them.
  • Be personal. Yes, there are advantages to using stock photos and graphics, but adding a personal touch to your platforms, draws your audience in and allows them to connect with your brand from the inside.

Wrapping it up.

Social media is a proven tool that take this relationship to the next level. It’s how many big and small brands are connecting to consumers, including your competitors. So why should you be left behind?

If you’re not sure where to get started or need a little help with either setting up your social media pages or re-branding your social media, LinkPoint Media is here to help. We know it can be a challenging and intimidating experience, so feel free to contact us for more information or for help with your small business social media branding!

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