Why and How to Use Think With Google

Compelling data. Big ideas. Creative juice.
Put Google research and insight behind your thinking.


Think With Google brings together data, analysis, and insights to keep your marketing up to date and inspired. Within Think you will find the data Google is exploring and the trends Google is tracking along with forward-looking perspectives and behind-the-scenes looks at digital campaigns across industries, platforms, and audiences.

Think with Google is everything you didn’t know you needed to take your digital marketing - and business - to the next level.

Tools Available

These tools are designed to help improve your brand’s marketing, web performance, analysis, digital experience, and more.

  • Culture & Trends: What's trending in my category or market? I want to find out what my potential customers are engaging with and searching for.
  • Competitive Analysis: How do I stand up against the competition? What can I do to differentiate my company? I want to see how my brand compares against industry benchmarks.
  • Consumer Insights: Who is buying my product and why? What are they searching for and where are they shopping? I want to make better decisions about my marketing campaigns and ad spending.
  • Diagnostic Tools & Industry Benchmarks: Am I fast enough? How is my site performing? Am I using the right platform? I want to measure my brand's performance and get tips on improving key metrics.

Two Recommended Tools

Google’s tool Test My Site analyzes your site’s speed giving you a full look of what is and what is not working well. A full report is generated offering you performance insights and recommendations on what to fix.

Remember: A slow site limits your business.

Google Shopping Insights is another valuable tool that helps you understand what consumers are looking for in your category. You can discover local interests in your category, see how your brand stacks up against the competition, and compare the popularity of your products to others.

Remember: Google is the first place shoppers go to discover a new brand or product. Make sure you’re seen.

Offering More

Think With Google also offers:

Marketing Tutorials and Guides
User Experience and Design Resources 
Data Analytics & Measurement Best Practices
Insight on Organizational Culture for Success

And still so much more!

Keep your business on top. Think With Google.

Google has brought us a vital resource. But it is also an EASY resource to explore and take advantage of.

Start today.