Village of Bourbonnais Case Study Pt. 1, The Setup

Village of Bourbonnais

Industry: City | Government Organization

Project Overview
Services • Web Design | Web Development

Specialty • Joomla

The Village of Bourbonnais was looking to overhaul and streamline their website - from content to design to accessibility. Their current site was not user-friendly and posed challenges to visitors and internally. They needed a solution that would improve the user experience, have stronger web accessibility integration, and be easier for their team to modify content when necessary.

The Challenge and the Goal

The Village is a key resource for more than 18,631 residents! The new website needed to not only be a place for residents and businesses to pay their bills, but for residents and visitors to interact with the community and all that it has to offer.

The Village also hoped that the new website would set them apart in terms of design. The LinkPoint Media team built a fully custom homepage design to showcase the best and most important parts of the Village.

To meet these needs, one of the greatest challenges was streamlining the content. The current Village of Bourbonnais website was unorganized and outdated.

To put into perspective, at its most condensed stage, we were working with 80+ pages of content. Alongside the LinkPoint Media team, the Village of Bourbonnais’ Marketing & Public Engagement Manager, Lindy Casey, took on the task of re-organizing, updating, and turning this plethora of information into purposeful and powerful content.

The goal was to streamline the content to be both user-friendly and informative.

The Approach and Solution

Village of Bourbonnais New Website Video Center Completed Site Graphics

Streamlined, fresh, and a focus on the community - that’s what the Village of Bourbonnais was looking for. And this all starts with the custom home page. Our designer John worked alongside the Village of Bourbonnais team and the entire LinkPoint team to ensure that the homepage keeps visitors on the site longer. From the moment you land on the site, the Village’s branding is front and center. Paired with bright colors, bold and important call-to-actions, and eye-catching video and photos, the homepage is a true starting point for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

After laying the site’s sitemap and homepage, we concentrated on improving the user experience. Initially, the website was crowded with unorganized text and lacked easy navigation to the relevant content for its visitors. We featured on the homepage their most popular content for every type of site visitor. By highlighting these features, it gives residents, businesses, and visitors the ability to find the relevant content specific to their needs instantly.

Beyond the homepage, we worked to ensure that navigation remained at ease. With still an immense amount of content, it was important that the visitor did not get lost along the way. To help with this, sidebar navigation was incorporated across landing and subpages.

Village of Bourbonnais New Website Document Center Completed Site Graphics

Village of Bourbonnais New Website Business Directory Completed Site Graphics

Our developer also built out a user-friendly FAQ section, Document Center, and custom Business Directory that allows ease of access and simplicity for any type of visitor. This was crucial with the amount of relevant questions, concerns, and needed documents.

Overall, the goal was to bring the Village of Bourbonnais’ site up to par with the growing and developing community, their newly developed branding, and to meet the needs of every visitor.

We’ll show more behind the scenes of the design and development process in Part 2!