The Why and How of Internet Marketing During a Pandemic

As a business tool with no “closed” sign or “off” switch, internet marketing is crucial for small businesses now more than ever.

Whether your business is a restaurant, retail or event space, service based, or even an online shop or digital agency. Whether your storefront was closed or you were no longer able to offer in-person services. Every business has struggled in one way or another since COVID-19 hit.

If your business already had an online presence (i.e. online shop, social media, etc.), you may have felt the hit a little less.
If your business did not have an active or planned out online presence, you may have felt the hit a little more.
Even if you ran a digital business, you felt the hit.

Either way, every business was faced with the challenge of starting or stepping up their digital marketing. And the need for an online presence is still very necessary to this day and for the days to come.

Here is the importance of digital marketing during a pandemic.

  1. The decline of office channels means opportunity for more leads.
    While most businesses rely on and honor the ability to serve and meet their clients face-to-face, a pandemic such as COVID-19 makes that challenging or even impossible. Without that interaction, you have to take advantage of social channels and email marketing tactics to market your products and services. Which - when done properly - can lead to even more leads and sales as consumers are also turning to digital solutions.
  2. Everyone looking for online solutions means a wider customer reach.
    During a pandemic, putting your business before the largest audience can make all the difference. Small business owners and those who run large enterprises alike can use this period to expand their businesses by reaching a wider audience through social platforms. Even better is the fact that you can segment your marketing efforts and only gear them towards those who are interested in your type of business. Meaning you are reaching a large audience on a leaner budget.
  3. Your customers are looking online.
    eCommerce statistics demonstrate that 85% of customers now research a product online prior to deciding whether to purchase an item. So, meet them there. Spend the time and resources to meet your potential clients where they are already looking and then continue to solve their problem in the same space.
  4. Digital marketing during a pandemic offers more time to focus on the right marketing strategies.
    A pandemic may have forced your business to re-evaluate or implement a digital marketing plan. But that doesn’t mean you have to charge through every route and every platform. By carefully scrutinizing the strategies that may work and what will not, you will only use online marketing methods that work but you will also attain your business goals.
  5. Providing alternative opportunities for profit now and post-pandemic.
    The event you moved to online. The resource or class you turned digital. The services you adapted virtually. It all opened up new opportunities for revenue. It made it easier for customers to take advantage of your services, and it will continue to do so. As long as you continue to market your services, your expertise, your story.

Here are some tactics to start looking into:

What’s Next?

First, it is important to understand that having an online presence is only half the battle.

Before choosing a digital marketing strategy, it is advisable to understand your target market and find out how they have been impacted by the pandemic. Connect with your online audience in meaningful ways and they will find hope beyond the pandemic. How can you meet them in their need with your expertise and services? Start there.


When a pandemic occurs, it is easy to lose sight of our business visions and goals because survival may suddenly seem more important than running a business. But in actuality, protecting your business and ensuring that it doesn’t tank is also important. 

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