Here at LinkPoint Media, we utilize G Suite to keep our team synced and on track. From shared calendars to shared files, our team can work side by side even as we all work remotely. And with branded email addresses we can ensure our branding is recognizable. Ever accidently delete a file or email? G Suite offers the protection of recovering such mistakes. And this is just the beginning of the benefits of G-Suite for business, keep reading to see why and how G-Suite is best for your business.

“A few of the reasons your company should be using G Suite: G Suite was born in the cloud and has been built from the ground up for security and performance for small companies and enterprise level needs.” - Wisnet



Working on a project with people who are not all in the same place? Whether you are dealing with contractors, telecommuters or employees who are not in the office at the same time; G Suite’s Google Drive offering is a great way to go. Multiple individuals can view and edit word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, all at the same time. You can also extend read-only access to people who need information in the document but do not need the ability to make changes.

G Suite’s set of intelligent apps allows you and your team members to work together on documents at the same time. You can see the edits you make in real time and G Suite automatically saves them in the cloud. You can give editing capabilities to all team members or just to a selected few. As your employees work on the documents, they can use the built-in chat feature to brainstorm ideas and communicate. This smart feature allows your team members to complete projects faster and more accurately. It also eliminates the need to send numerous emails with the latest versions of documents.

G Suite simplifies document sharing and group editing. Instead of passing around a Word document and trying to keep track of revisions, several editors can work on the same Google Doc file at the same time.

Great collaboration features are just the beginning.

  1. Ease of use

    All your team needs is a web browser on a computer or mobile device with internet access.

    A single login guarantees access to the entire apps suite, and users in the same workgroups are able to automatically share information. That makes it convenient for collaboration on digital files in real time by employees - or even your customers.

  2. Price

    The price is attractive. G Suite is offered in different tiers and versions. A monthly subscription for professional office and business versions ranges between $5 and $10 per user, with an Enterprise plan for $25. By contrast, the monthly cost for the business versions of Microsoft Office 365 varies between $8.25 to $15 per user for the premium edition.

  3. Convenience

    Being cloud-based translates into convenience. Employees can access their information wherever they are from any device. And in the event they're stuck somewhere out of range and unable to find an internet connection, they can still access their documents offline. Admins can also control offline access using device policies.

    The ability to collaborate, in general, is much easier with Google. It eliminates any need to carry around a thumb drive to sync between an office desktop and your laptop in the event that you need to work remotely.

  4. Compatibility

    Some might balk at switching given Microsoft Office's popularity. But G Suite allows users to edit Office files without requiring them to have Office software. After making changes to a file, users can select File > Download as from the menu to save any edit documents back to the Office format. Google also offers an extension that lets users edit Office files without needing to convert them to the Google format.

  5. Professional

    There are still many businesses that utilize emails such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or something similar when email is by far the most widely used method of communication, meaning they have no professional appearance when it comes to their business communication.

    With G-Suite, you can utilize a new unique domain name and sign up for a range of Google services use Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, YouTube and even the new Google+ social network, giving your business a presence across a suite of online applications.

  6. Security

    With Google Drive, a cloud storage platform, you and your employees can safely store data and access it from any device. Unlike a typical office server, G Suite stores information in Google data centers which are spread all over the world. This guarantees that if one or more servers fail, your information won’t be lost and you can easily access it whenever you need to.

    Since information remains in the cloud, G Suite eliminates the need to download documents to devices and home computers, where they may be lost, stolen or damaged. You remain in control of what your employees access from G Suite on their individual devices.

    But even though G Suite offers high-security levels for your data, you still need to exercise basic cyber-security precautions.

More advantages:

Unlimited Storage Space: as G Suite is a cloud based platform storage space is of utmost importance. G Suite Business Edition offers unlimited storage space for Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive for file upload and sharing. Note that if your company has 4 or fewer users each user receives 1 TB (terabyte) of storage space. To give you an idea of storage scale 1 TB can hold roughly 310,000 photos, 17,000 hours of music or 40 days worth of video give or take.

Google Cloud Search:  Allows you to search company files stored by G Suite services company wide. What this means is you have full access to important company data no matter which employee created or stored the content. This allows information to be easily accessible and not be lost due to the information being stored by a specific user.

Google Vault: The e-discovery and archiving platform allows you to set retention policies based on any G mail or drive search operator and provides peace of mind in legal and compliance matters.

Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is still finding its place in G Suite Business. There's the traditional browser, desktop and mobile app that's identical to the consumer version except for the fact that you can force chats to be on the records. It's still unclear how G Suite business has differentiators in Hangouts Meet, a spinoff of the original App that provides basic video conference and screen sharing capabilities similar to GotoMeetings or the like. The new Hangouts Chat is a slack competitor in the "Early Adopter Program"  This functionality is expected to be limited to the business and enterprise versions.    

Apps Admin Console: There is additional functionality in the G Suite Admin Console for users of the Business Edition. Seemingly basic options like allowing OCR in Email attachments is now reserved for G Suite Business customers.

Are you ready to make the switch?

G Suite shifts today’s business culture to speedy, but efficient. Numerous professionals regularly access many Google features and Apps already. Their familiarity with Google’s aesthetic and platforms will make G Suite an easy adjustment. For a low cost, your business can gain the power to move operations anywhere all while your company data stays safe.

If you’re ready to make the switch, contact us today on how we can help streamline your business!

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