LinkPoint Media is proud to showcase the Philip J. Rock Center and School as our #LInkPointSupports organization of the month for August. The Philip J. Rock Center and School is a not-for-profit educational institution for deaf and blind children, officially established in 1975 to meet the needs of school districts trying to assist deaf-blind students.

The school provides a number of services for deaf-blind students and their families, providing their students with a comprehensive education and the tools they need for solid educational development.

The school also implements Project REACH, which provides technical assistance, training, and tools to help young children and their families have the most possible success. Project REACH provides activities that encourage family involvement, in-service training, consultative services, and statewide presentations that give special education personnel more information about deaf-blind issues, services, and more.

In 1988, the Center was renamed for Philip J. Rock, the president of the Illinois Senate in 1975, who was instrumental in passing the legislation required to make the center and school possible.

The Philip J. Rock Center and School does incredibly important work for the Chicago area and its communities. If you know anyone with a deaf-blind child, we encourage you to share the link to the Philip J. Rock Center with them. Support those with deaf-blindness by showing your support for the Philip J. Rock Center.


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