#LinkPoint Supports CraftKits

Steve and Laurie have been married for 46 years. Thirty-one years ago, they began CraftKits because they saw a need for inexpensive, quality crafts centered around Native American lore. In the name of education and creative expression as well as for kids to experience feelings of accomplishment from completing crafts, they opened their own company.

"I have been interested in American Indian lore since I was a Boy Scout," says Steve. His intrigue followed him into parenthood as their children joined clubs and started learning about Native Americans, too.

"We didn't realize how popular these crafts would be," he says. "I've really enjoyed getting back into it."

Steve and Laurie think it is important to understand the history of Native Americans as well as their current culture. "They have many ideals worth remembering," says Steve, "like their belief in the sanctity of life, how they raised their children, how they honored the earth." Steve and Laurie also find valuable the idea of a tribe, or close-knit community.

CraftKits prides itself in being a Mom and Pop shop, with Steve and Laurie as the hands-on driving force behind every stage of operation. They strive joyfully to be of service to those who are interested in CraftKits.

Their products include regalia, feathers, arrowheads, hides, moccasins, and of course supplies and tools for crafts.

"We believe in pride, creativity, and accomplishments," says Laurie. "The importance of creativity has been drifting away, but we strongly believe that creativity promotes good things for kids. We want to revive art, while also informing about the history and heritage of our country and its first peoples."

As a couple who values our nation's youth and its history, they clearly are leaving an invaluable heritage of their own.

To learn more about CraftKits, visit their website at www.craftkits.com.