How to Adjust Your Web Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of uncertainty, consulting your web design team might not seem like a top priority, but it’s something you should definitely consider.

Here’s why:

In the past few weeks businesses have had to drastically and quickly adjust to shutdowns, stay at home orders, and working remotely. With all of this, it also means your website is now an even more crucial piece in your sales and marketing puzzle.

 Here’s how your website - and LinkPoint - can help:

  1. Upgrade your ecommerce: If you have products to sell this is a good time to upgrade - or start - your online store. With better inventory, marketing, and pricing features you might be able to replace revenue lost from retail locations with new and/or improved online shopping.
    This is also an option for restaurants and cafes who want to and can add online ordering to their site.
  2. Video, video, video: Many businesses rely on in person demos/sales, face-to-face presentations, and general face-to-face communication. One way to overcome the issue is to utilize videos, presentations, demos, and the like on your website (and social media).
    We have also seen the rise of online content in churches. Like our client, People’s Church. They wanted to be able to do their services virtually, and we set up a way for them to share those videos to their current site for patrons to watch at any time.
  3. Make it easier for customers and viewers to contact you: Most sites already have a Contact Us page. But there are tools you can integrate into your site to make it quicker and easier for someone to reach out no matter where they are on your site. LinkPoint uses and recommends PureChat - a tool that allows for live chat with website visitors, as well as, quick “offline” messages to your team. Beyond that, PureChat can be used for scheduling, payments, app integrations, lead capture, and more!
  4. Newsletter integration: This is the time when your customers, employees, and vendors need to hear from you more often. But first, they need to be connected to you. Setting up a MailChimp or Constant Contact signup on your website can help you connect those dots. Don’t have an account yet? We can also help with that!
  5. Time for a content audit: Beyond just updating your content to reflect your new hours, operating ways, and offerings, now is the time to audit your content to ensure it is doing the best for you and your business. Maybe it’s been awhile since you looked it over and updated the contents of your site. Maybe you don’t even realize it’s a little outdated. Take that time now, because, as mentioned, your website is doing more leg work for your business now than ever before.
    Updating your content will also keep you relevant and searchable on Google. And you don’t want to miss that traffic!
  6. More content: Now just might be the perfect time for you to start a blog on your site. Blogs can accomplish a lot for your business during this time. They keep your business and website relevant to Google. They give you a way to stay connected to your client by sharing relevant content, resources, and helpful information. They can also help you develop a new pipeline of general marketing by utilizing the content within your blogs to grow your social media presence and/or newsletter audience. All around, blogging can help you grow and keep your relevancy.
  7. Make it known: You are most certainly operating differently these days. Whether that be different “open” hours, curbside and online ordering, or offering new services. Make that known to your website visitors. A great way to do that is adding an alert banner, a new slide, a pop-up, or a new section on your site that visitors are immediately directed to.
    As mentioned, this can be accomplished in many different forms. Check out our clients, IMSIF, KAN-I-Help, and Village of Bourbonnais for some examples.

Outside of just your website, you should also be adjusting your internal operating strategy by enhancing employee communication and capabilities. As a team, we cannot say enough about G-Suite and the integral part it can play in your team's workflow. Whether you need help getting your team onboard, or have questions about how to make the best of your account, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Above all, the best thing you can do right now is stay connected. With your team, your clients and your leads.

We know the quick and drastic changes to our day to day business norms have hurt a lot of businesses. The LinkPoint team is here to help you develop and implement a new digital strategy to shift your business back to success and growth.

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