Hemenover Construction Company Case Study Pt. 1, The Setup

Hemenover Construction Company

Industry • Small Business / Construction

Project Overview

Services • Custom Web Design | Web Development

Specialty • Joomla

Features • Custom design featuring animation and large imagery | Project Showcase gallery | PureChat integration

Hemenover Construction Company is Kankakee County’s premier custom home builder. From remodels to custom homes, their team is experienced and dedicated to quality craftsmanship with an unrivaled customer experience.

Hemenover Construction Company was in need of a website that showcased this experience and dedication. The LinkPoint Media team worked with Hemenover to create a custom and interactive website that put their projects and abilities at the forefront. From the moment you land on the site, there is no doubt that Hemenover Construction Company offers quality and integrity in their projects.

The new website will bring Hemenover success by offering not just a description of their services, but a visual walkthrough of the quality craftsmanship and exquisite work they provide.

The Challenge and the Goal

The main challenge with this project, as with a lot of our projects, was building a site from scratch. While already a successful and premier company, the goal was to now get Hemenover searchable and recognizable beyond their current reach, and to give Hemenover a place to showcase their truly exquisite and quality projects.


  • Visual, visual, visual
  • Content creation
  • Client vision paired with usability


The Approach and Solution


Clean, fresh, and a focus on photos - that’s the vision Matthew Hemenover brought to the project. He understood the importance of showcasing their work in a very visual, eye-catching way. His wife, Sarah Hemenover - a successful, local photographer - has captured the exquisite and unique work of the company in a way that allowed us to do just that.

Along with visuals, Matthew envisioned movement and subtle animation for the site. You will see this animation throughout the site, adding a little pop to the content.

Thanks to the photography provided, the moment you land on their new site, you are invited into Hemenover’s captivating work.

Content Creation

With the imagery taken care of, the next challenge was gathering and nailing down the content to be just as appealing and user friendly as the design. While the photographs speak for themselves, content is an important aspect of any website for both descriptive information and search purposes. The content was flushed out by both the client and the LinkPoint team to ensure that it was: accurate, descriptive, informational, and SEO friendly.

LinkPoint’s first step in content creation for any website is research. Both with the client and in competing businesses / industries.

As mentioned, the hope was to keep the Hemenover Construction site focused on the power of visuals. Utilizing the Project Showcase to accomplish two goals - visual and informative - we were able to keep the content simple.

Usability and Responsiveness

Another challenge here being, how can we make the site match the client’s expectations while also remaining user and search friendly (with load time in mind), responsive, and cohesive overall. With the client’s vision in mind and the knowledge of the challenge, LinkPoint was able to design a custom mockup that incorporated both the imagery and movement Matthew had in mind and tackled the challenges at hand.

As with all sites, LinkPoint ensures that every feature and aspect of the site is responsive for tablet and mobile devices. For the Hemenover site, this meant reducing the mobile header size and using a flyout (pop-out-or fold-out) menu for the main menu.


Visuals - in any form - are a powerful asset for a business. 

The goal was to bring Hemenover Construction Company’s powerful and captivating work to a web presence. Using visuals and simple content, the new website offers Matthew and his team a place to showcase their completed projects and capabilities to potential clients.

We’ll show more behind the scenes of the design and development process in Part 2!


With the same goals in mind, LinkPoint Media also designed and developed a new site for Matthew Hemenover's Summit Custom Woodworking.