Getting the Most of Chicago Bears Training Camp

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Just over a week ago, LinkPoint Media President Josh Lundmark introduced a major marketing campaign at an event hosted by the Kankakee County Visitors Bureau, Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Alliance of Kankakee County. 

This campaign is part of an effort to raise awareness of some of the attractions in Kankakee County for out-of-town visitors, particularly Chicago Bears Training Camp spectators.

Every summer during Chicago Bears Training Camp, thousands of visitors flock to Kankakee County. LinkPoint Media is working with the Kankakee County Visitors Bureau to help local businesses get the most benefit from this influx of visitors. During the video, Josh explains the purpose of the Kankakee County Overtime website and how businesses can submit deals to the site. He also explains the social media campaign that will be seen by countless visitors.

First, the Kankakee County Overtime website will be linked directly to the Chicago Bears Training Camp website, so visitors looking for other activities will be able to plan other trips in Kankakee County. The website will promote events, attractions, restaurants, arts and culture, and special deals for Kankakee County Overtime website visitors. Any business in Kankakee can participate and get their name out there by submitting deals to be put on the Kankakee County Overtime website.

LinkPoint Media is also managing the social media campaign for Kankakee County Overtime, which includes creating styled posts that fit with the image Kankakee County Overtime is trying to convey. In addition to styling posts, LinkPoint Media has worked with the Kankakee County Visitors Bureau to develop a hashtag, #LoveK3, that can be used by businesses and individuals in the Kankakee County area who want to show their love of Kankakee. This hashtag can be used on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Businesses can use it to join the discussion about Kankakee County and become active members in the social community, and individuals can follow this hashtag to find fun activities and locations to visit in Kankakee County. 

Other social media tips brought to local businesses by Josh include knowing your target audience (male or female? younger or older? single or married? outdoorsy or artistic?) and making your posts relevant to that group. Josh also recommends adding photos, not just posting text, to social media posts to improve your audience reach. He also explains how Facebook ads can target your audience--for $200, your ad could be seen by fifty thousand people who may not have otherwise known about your company.

Josh also talks about "branding," or making your page look professional and coherent by making sure your page has professional posts. Branding can also include using a certain color scheme for print ads, including your logo on photos, and making sure your audience knows what your social media posts look like. Another great tip for reaching more visitors is to host a social media giveaway--at 12:42, Josh gives great ideas about how to host a giveaway using social media.

Kankakee County Visitors Bureau is committed to promoting local businesses, and LinkPoint Media is here to make that a successful campaign. Watch the video to get more information on the Kankakee County Overtime website and social media/marketing tips for your business.