Asana + Gmail Working Together

Asana and Gmail have answered our email and to-do chaos.

While email, such as Gmail, is the most common way to communicate about work, it wasn’t built for tracking to-dos or managing projects. That’s where Asana comes in. Asana is built to help teams plan, manage, and track work. By combining the two in this new Asana for Gmail add-on, you’ll be able to send emails to Asana and get the best of both worlds.

We’ve been working with the G Suite team to perfect the Asana for Gmail Add-on and today we’re excited to share that Asana for Gmail is now available in the G Suite Marketplace. With this add-on, you can turn your emails with clients, customers, and teammates into actionable tasks that are tracked in Asana—without leaving your inbox.

Top features:

  • Directly within Gmail, you can now turn an email into a task and assign it.
  • Communicate updates back to clients without leaving Gmail.
  • Turn email threads with candidates into tasks for hiring managers to quickly confirm or share feedback on a candidate.

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