Asana For Keeping Your Team Together

Does your team work remotely? Do you have multiple projects you try to keep in line? Have you tried Asana?

Linkpoint Media highly recommends Asana to keep your team on track! Whether you are a remote team or share the same office, it is a powerful tool to keep everyone connected and on top of projects and tasks.



Three key factors:

  1. Work under one roof. Organize projects, share files, give feedback, and more–all in one place, so everyone knows what’s going on and where to find it.
  2. Deliver on time. From setting priorities to assigning tasks and tracking progress, get projects off the ground faster and hit deadlines before they hit you.
  3. Build on your success. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Turn routine projects into clear-cut processes, and give teammates more time to do what they do best.

Key features:

  1. Visual playbook. Let's face it, some of us just aren't list people. We like to see an entire workflow, so we know which project each task belongs to and how the pieces all fit together—in a visual way, so those relationships are clearly laid out in front of us. That's what Kanban boards are for, and—great news—you can get a Kanban board view in Asana. You can also use this feature to manage your contacts.
  2. Prioritize. Use the auto-promotion feature in "My Tasks" to prioritize what you see in Asana and make sure you're not overwhelmed with too many items.
  3. Cross assigning tasks. Cross-indexing lets you put single tasks into multiple projects, without duplicating them, and show different display information for each user based on where it's indexed.
  4. Copy tasks and projects. Need to duplicate a task many times? Maybe you need every team member to fill out a form or respond with comments on a document or review and approve something. In that case, because you need multiple people to do the same thing, assign copies.
  5. Recurring tasks. When you create (or edit) a task, click on the due date. You'll see the "repeat" option below the calendar, and when you click on that you can choose whether to repeat daily, weekly, or whatever, and whether you want to add a time.
  6. Custom fields. Custom fields let you track work and projects like a boss and give everyone the maximum amount of information in a single glance. They also add to the searchability of the project and workspace and link up your projects and people. It's kind of like adding color-coded keywords to everything.
  7. Communicate. You and your team can communicate directly in tasks to stay up to date on progress and questions. 
  8. Attach files. You can attach files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or One Drive.
  9. Connect to Gmail. We have another post entirely on this new feature.
  10. The unicorns and cats. The Hacks tab is where experimental Asana features live, so this is a magical place that you should check frequently. This is where you go to ensure you'll get the rainbow unicorns for when you complete tasks, and the Tab+B feature, which is just like it sounds (say it out loud).

Asana For Keeping Your Team Together


Get started today with Asana! Here's a demo video, as well.