6 Content Marketing Ideas During COVID-19

We’re all still trying to figure out how to do business in difficult and unfamiliar circumstances. While some businesses have closed down completely, others have had an easier transition to remote working. But no business is unaffected.

To survive, businesses need to continue to adapt and shift their strategies and content.

Here are 6 ideas for using content marketing to help your business get through this time:

  1. Show your audience that you’re still open for business, and here to help.
    Great content gets cut through even during unpredictable times.
    No matter what type of content you have to share - SHARE IT. Be active, be present, be aware. Your audience is still looking, make sure they don’t miss you.
  2. Offer real value now for more sales later.
    You may have decided that sales have to take a backseat in the short-term. BUT, that does not mean your sharing and reach has to. Content marketing can help you build relationships now that will bring sales once confidence and demand returns.What resources can you offer at a less or free value? What can you bring to your audience that adds value and aide to their current life / business and keeps your business at the top of their mind come a later date?
  3. Re-use, recycle and repackage your content.
    Don’t get buried. Invest some time and effort in improving content you already have. The COVID-19 lockdown is now the ideal time to audit your content. Re-optimising blogs and landing pages says a lot to Google and for gaining new traffic to your site. It also may give your audience that quality content they are looking for and didn’t know you had before.
  4. Experiment with new formats.
    Podcasts. Webinars. Blogs. Video. Newsletters. Try it now.
    Find new ways to reach your customers and followers and even employees while social distancing and working remotely.
  5. Plan more content for the future.
    Maybe you had big plans for a webinar, online course, blog series, or ebook that you never had the time for. Do you have a little more time now? Take advantage of it and plan big for the near future.
  6. Audit - or build - your content strategy.
    Demand is going to rebound, and you want to make sure you’re ahead of the competition - or at least ready - when it does. Now is the time to audit your strategy and ensure you have the foundation in place to find and engage your target audience during and after this crisis.
    If you have a content marketing strategy, give it a thorough audit.
    If you do not, create one during the lockdown.

    Here are some resources for that:
    - How to Develop a Content Strategy, HubSpot
    - How to Create a Content Strategy, Dream Host
    Create An Interim Content Marketing Strategy, CMI

More than anything, stay positive and keep your content marketing efforts going.

Your audience is still listening.