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  • image Michelle and William Marhoefer Broken Art Restoration
    We specialize in the restoration of sculptural art objects, porcelain, ceramic, wood, bronze and marble. Our business was established in 1980 in Chicago. Since there are so few people that offer this service, our clients mainly find us through referrals. We had a website built in 2005, it was very nice but used “flash” animation and sound. It quickly became obsolete with the rapid advancement of technology and was not compatible with a phone or tablet. Also because of this it was very low on a Google search and people sometimes had difficulty contacting us. We were in need of a new website. Through a referral system we found and contacted Josh Lundmark at Linkpoint Media. Josh and his associates were very easy to work with. They listened to our requests, they designed and built a beautiful website for us. It is simple to maneuver, it’s clean and understandable. They used our before restoration and after restoration examples from our old website plus new ones. They created a “process” page that is outstanding. We have had so many compliments on this website since the launch about 2 years ago. The other positive element has been a noticeable increase in our business due to the placement of the website on Google. Normally we would only have repeat clients or referral clients contacting us. Now we receive so many new clients from our beautiful website. We would highly recommend Linkpoint Media to anyone considering a new website.
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